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Unique vehicles and Sophisticated

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Vehicles have evolved toward forms an increasingly sophisticated, practical, efficient, multifunctional, comfortable and safe to use. Automotive design houses world vying to bring the vehicles that tried to meet human needs by offering various advantages. These are some of them, still a concept and there are already ready to be ordered and brought to the garage.

Bicycle with Music Player

Design work Allendra Reindy combines a music player with a bicycle. Music can not be separated from activities of daily living. For this reason these bikes are designed, used for sports, work, or to just walk without apart from music.

Music player mounted on the handlebars that can be changed, change its position and is able to convert energy from wheel bike to charge batteries that are used not only for its music player but also to turn on the lights at night

MAG LEV Concept Car

This concept car powered by electric engine that produces a magnetic field that is able to make it run.

Car spare parts MAG requires all running based on the magnetization, which is rather impossible for large-scale implementation. But the technology greatly reduces the need for energy to move due to electromagnetic motors that can reduce weight by 50 percent.

Proxima Concepts Hybird Motorcycles / Cars

Proxima is meant to marry between a car with a motorcycle. Got a two-seater with a minimalist design that does not meet the street or parking lot.

Cree SAM Vehicle Dari Ltd.

SAM is an award-winning concept design in Switzerland and patented Zero Emission Vehicle as a vehicle (Zev). Designed and developed by Cree Ltd..Currently still in the prototype stage and approved for use as a vehicle for the public.

Honda puyo

Honda puyo created as a warm and friendly vehicles, both for users and for pedestrians. The concept of ultra-efficient, hydrogen powered engines fuell cell technology.

The shape is designed with minimalist and efficiently as possible. The body is made of soft material which Honda calls it a "gel body". Interestingly material of this nature can emit light of aliases can be lit.

The Scorpion Eco-Exotic Car 

This sports car is a combination of exotic cars as well as friendly energy.Scorpion production house was designed by Austin and developed by Ronn Motor for hybird car fuel injected hydrogen .
Technology-based " hydrogen on demand ", process water and turn it into hydrogen is injected into the fuel system. Still using fossil fuels for its initialization, this car is capable memnghemat fuel up to 40% with the technology and ready to compete with other exotic supercars.

Reportedly this exotic car milai can be ordered in the year 2009.

Jaambaaro pedal car

In many poor or developing countries, very limited availability of ambulances.Based on this thinking Benoit Angibaud Jaambaro design, pedal-powered ambulance destined for communities in Africa to receive medical treatment quickly.

Besides, driven by the pedal, this vehicle was also combined with solar-powered electric engine to move. Designed for easy to make and from local materials are easily available, this vehicle is expected to be built by utilizing local resources local.

Backpack Bicycle Concept

Maybe it is never seen or used bike can be folded and carry. But this one bike can be folded but not only can be brought like a backpack.

Designer Chang Ting Jen introduced the design of light bike that weighs only 5.5 kg and measuring 60cm long when folded so you can take them like a backpack on your back with ease.

Clever Concept

CLEVER stands for Compact Low Emissions Vehicle for Urban Transport.Three-wheeled vehicle called TRON-esque this length 10ft, width 4.4 ft 3.3 ft tall, and weighs 879lbs with a wheelbase of 2450mm.

In front mounted vel diameter 17 "and 18" for two rear wheels. This vehicle is designed to be able to tilt on bends and computer-controlled hydraulic rolling system was able to maintain balance when tilted at an angle of 45 °, like when riding a motorcycle.

CLEVER is the result of a collaboration between the TUB, BMW, and several other otomitif innovators to design a lightweight urban vehicles, low emission and efficient.

Chinese Motorcycle Yamaha Deus Ex

Designed by Jake Loniak, a student at Art Center in Pasedena for Yamaha, the Yamaha Deus Ex Machina is a figure very futuristic personal vehicle designed for one passenger.

"This vehicle is powered by ultra-capacitors and doped nano-phoshpate batteries (usually used in cars hybird) and controlled using cables 36 air / gas driven by two linear actuators mounted along the back which consists of bone behind the artificial. "

The designer believe this vehicle can reach speeds of 75mph (0-60mph in 3 seconds) with a recharge time of 15 minutes and cycle-time one hour.

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tractor

Mesi is not a remarkable achievement, a new tractor shows how alternative fuel technologies began to shine. These tractors are powered by battery cells NH2 that without emissions and producing power of 106 HP. These cells are working on an electric motor that works for 1.5 to 2 hours to setangki hydrogen.

NH2 was not the first heavy machinery use alternative energy, but it seems this is the first designed to be used commercially. Testing prototype was expected to be done and ready for production within three years.

Namir, Fastest Car Hybird

Namir design house Italdesign design which is claimed as the world's fastest hybird car. Powerful 370HP, Top speed 187mph (miles per hour) and be able to walk as far as 1200 miles without refueling or re-charge.

The engine is powered by a lithium ion battery pack with power 270kw, equivalent to a 370HP. Achieve the fuel efficiency of 39km / L, about 92 miles-per-gallon. Carbon emissions of less than 60 g / km of CO2. And with 50 liters of petrol supercar are able to walk as far as 2000 miles.

Tabbert Paganini Caravan 

Caravan luxury of this one was exceptional views from any side. Presents a modern exterior design as well as beautiful to look at. The interior was worked out in great detail. The shelves on top are made of stainless steel anti-rust with original wooden table is made with high quality.

The roof has a 6 cm thick absorb heat and reduce noise AC coupled with the added convenience there is built in it. Cooking in the kitchen with a mini fridge for a supply of food and do not forget the bathroom with a shower in the sky, sky.



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