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10 Simple Things Women Want

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Women are unpredictable creatures that are often confusing and sometimes men. But it's actually not as complicated and mysterious woman who you think, I tell you what they really want. 

Based on the poll conducted by Yourtango, there are 10 simple things you really want a woman who may represent the most sensual creature.

1. Awards 
Who says a man who takes appreciated? Women also want opinions, career, hobbies, friends, body and thoughts appreciated. If you do not agree with what you do or say, try to appreciate it and think positive that his opinion is the contribution that is meaningful to you, rather than to oppose too loud or angry.

2. Sex 
, of course women want sex as well as men. But that should be remembered, women want sex is not just 'sex'. Give it a little physical contact such as massaging the shoulders, legs or head, too, is one form of sexual touching for women.

3. Romance 
romantic atmosphere can be created anywhere, not necessarily with dinner or watch a romantic movie in theaters outside. Turn on some candles in your home and treat her like a girlfriend that you really wanted, even if it had become the wife though.

Dating in the house, sex in cars, kissing like first dates, and all the things that make you fall in love with him should not stop when you are married and have other duties such as cleaning the house and raising children. Giving flowers to your partner without cause is a romantic idea that's worth a try.

4. Time 
can indeed Expresses love through flowers, but give free time to be together and treat women as a priority is much more representative of the feeling of love rather than providing any goods.

It also includes help him finish the housework if she has become your wife. When you first arrive home from work, it never hurts to clean the house and give an exciting surprise for his wife.

5. Dinners 
For a wife who was busy working from morning till evening, preparing dinner may be a burden that makes lazy cooking in the kitchen.

Even if you do not know how to cook, but to celebrate with your dishes cooked in front of the door, guaranteed to make happy, because according to him you are willing to work hard and very understanding.

6. Communication 
Women are creatures who love to talk. They know you love him, but to hear directly from your mouth would be her happy. Tell her if she looks beautiful and very sexy. It will make them feel happy.

When the woman called sexy, he will think and act sexy, although not previously. Tell them that cooking delicious, thank you for having the kids off to school or wash tub. Let him know that you look at his efforts and thank you for it.

7. Consistency 
This does not mean you must become a person who is boring and predictable. The point is, try and get yourself give him support and love consistently and with endless energy so he feels comfortable.

8. Strong determination 
has a strong determination means you must be prepared to fight for anything for your partner. This does not have to do big things, try to pay attention to little things like listen when spoken.

9. Humor and Shame 
The two properties are mutually related, which means having a sense of humor should be limited to shame. Women are happy to have a couple of funny and humorous, but they do not want their partner to do something embarrassing in public.

10. Challenges 
Women who feel motivated and got a shock of her life partner said they felt happier. Based on a poll, women are happier when getting a boost from their partners to achieve the goals of his life, because he will feel challenged to be able to achieve that goal. 



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