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The origins of Taxi

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Taxi idea before the car?
Before the invention of a car, rent a vehicle for general practice are in place. In 1640, in Paris, Nicolas sauvage offers horse-drawn carriage and driver for hire. In 1635, the Hackney Carriage Act was first passed laws that control the horse-drawn carriage for hire in the UK.

cab name is taken from the word taximeter. The meter is a device that measures the distance or travel time of vehicles, and allows tariffs to be determined accurately. The meter was created by German inventor, Wilhelm Bruhn in 1891.

Daimler Victoria
Gottlieb Daimler was the first taxi service company in the world in 1897 in the form of a special taxi called Daimler Victoria. Taxi cabs come equipped with a newly created meter. On June 16, 1897 Daimler Victoria taxi was sent to Friedrich Greiner, a Stuttgart entrepreneur who started the world's first motorized taxi company.

First Taxi Accident
On 13 September 1899, the first American to die in a car accident. The car is a taxi, there are about a hundred taxis operate on the streets of New York that year. Sixty-eight years of Henry Bliss was helping a friend from the street car when a taxi driver lost control and struck a fatal Bliss.

First yellow taxi
cab company owner, Harry Allen was the first to have a yellow taxi cab Allen was painted yellow to stand out. thanks to his idea gan now synonymous with the color yellow taxi



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